FAQ’s – Cottages

1 What, exactly do you supply?
We supply the A Frame cottage structure only. This consists of the steel framework (and the foundations for the steelwork), Chromadek roof sheeting, roof insulation and dormer windows. NHBRC certificates are required and supplied by our Engineer for the structure only.
2 What needs to be done by my builder to finish off the cottage and make it habitable?
Your builder will need to complete the following according to Architect’s plan provided:

  • Laying of the foundations and concrete slab for the ground floor
  • Under-roof brickwork (only 3 800 bricks) to close up sides and gable ends
  • Installation of windows and doors on the ground-floor
  • Interior dry-walling and ceilings
  • Installation of electrics
  • Installation of plumbing
  • Installation of kitchen
  • Installation of bathroom
  • Installation of built-in cupboards
3 How much will it cost to bring the A Frame Cottage structure to completion?
Depending on your chosen finishes, the cost to complete the cottages is approximately R2300.00 per sq meter to complete the structure into a habitable cottage.
4 How long does it take to erect the A Frame Cottage structure?
The structural work is achieved within five days from starting on site.
5 What do I need to supply on site for construction of the structure to begin?
Client to arrange for foundation inspection and provide the required Ready Mix Concrete delivered by truck. In the event of ready mix not being available, we will hand mix at an additional cost of R150/m³ – labour only – mixer supplied by client.
6 Is the Transport Cost extra to the quoted price?
We erect countrywide at additional costs. You will be quoted on transport and related costs.
7 What sizes are available?
52 and 77 square meter A Frame Cottages are standard sizes. See our houses, should you require something larger.
8 How many bedrooms and bathrooms in a standard 52m² A Frame Cottage?
The configuration is infinitely variable, according to your specifications. The plan provided can be revised to suit individual needs. Our standard plan makes provision for 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a lounge, and kitchenette – (3 bedrooms for the 77 sq m cottage.) It is possible to add a patio to the cottages.
9 What if I want a slightly bigger Lounge / Bedroom / Bathroom?
The design is modular and can be extended in 3m bays (25m²)
10 What roof colours are available?
Traffic Green Chromadek is the standard colour available.  Different colours eg. Buffalo Brown, Gemsbok Sand, Kalahari Red, Sandstone Beige, etc. can be ordered, dependent on availability from the supplier. View the roof colour chart.
11 Is the roof insulated?
Yes, we install insulation during the erection of the structure. Your builder, if required, can install additional insulation.
12 Can I have additional windows?
Yes, additional windows may be specified.
13 Do you supply DIY kits?
We will supply DIY Kits, ex factory, only in certain instances. Conditions apply.
14 Will you do the building work (after the erection of the steel structure) for me?
We do not undertake any building work, plumbing, electricity, finishes etc. which have to be done by your own builder and is for your account.
15 I need a garage. Can you help?
Yes, we erect garage structures, based on our Cottage design. Request a quote for more details.
16 What are the building site requirements?

  • Slope of the building should not exceed 150 mm over a length of 15 m.
  • Site should be clean and ready prior to commencement of foundation work.
  • Unsuitable founding foundations will be addressed by our Engineer.
  • Electricity (generator), water and toilet facilities to be available at all times.
  • Physical security for materials delivered to be provided by client.
17 How does the Steelframe cottage / garage structure compare with conventional building costs?
The structures are conventionally accepted structures and are designed to save on building costs i.e. to minimize on labour intensive conventional methods and still achieve an aesthetic design.
18 Can you erect the structures in a municipal area?
Municipalities do approve the plans in the normal way, but special consent may be required in some cases with regard to land coverage. Please note that these structures are not Aggrement Certified Structures as all materials are SABS approved.
19 My question is listed or answered?
Please let us know via the contact form, so that we can update this list.

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